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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally, there is also additional information on our website at

We need your help in developing this site!!

Currently there is information available about a few countries , and in the future I intend to expand the coverage considerably! But we need assistance from those travellers or locals who have had INR measurements taken in different countries!!

If you have any experiences in getting INR tests when travelling or in your local country, please either:

(i) make a post to this blog with full details of the country involved, the need for a doctor's referral for INR measurement, and costs of doctors and INR tests, and any other comments, or, perhaps better still -

(ii) fill in the Travellers Feedback Form on our INR Warfarin website, so that I can expand the information available to all who visit this blog and the INR Warfarin website.

Similarly, any feedback from medical providers, or equipment manufacturers of personal INR testers should reply either by adding a post to this blog, or by using the Medical Services Feedback Form on our website.I will then endeavour to make all relevant information available to visitors to this blog and the INR Warfarin website.

Finally, support our sponsors!

Many thanks!!!

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