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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What are your options for INR / Warfarin tests when travelling?

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There are really only two options to get an INR when travelling - Do It Yourself, or use local Medical Service Providers

Do It Yourself

First a disclaimer - I have nothing to do in any way with the item I have described below, and I don't own one.

Recently, Roche Diagnostics have introduced an INR monitor for home use - the CoaguChek XS.. The monitor is about palm size, gives rapid results in under one minute, and requires only a small drop of blood (about 10 microlitres) for results. It seems ideal for travellers. But of course, there is always one drawback, and that is the cost. In Australia, the prices are between about $A770 and $A900 for the unit, and each test strip (one per INR test) is about $A6. The website for the Coaguchek XS is http://www.coagucheck.com/

Advanced Cardio Services offer the new CoaguCheck XS system, using exclusive smart technology to give you fast accurate results from a simple fingerstick test. as shown on their Home Page. There is also a video of how to use the unit, which seems very straightforward, together with a lot of other information about INR testing. Well worth a look. Advanced Cardio Services is based in California.

It seems to me, that if you are contemplating a reasonably long trip overseas, this may be the best and simplest option. I understand that they are generally available world wide. The use of such a monitor may prove more economical than using local doctors and pathology laboratories, and certainly will reduce the time wasted in organising doctor's appointments and blood tests.

I expect that there are probably other INR self testing kits produced by other manufacturers, and that if anyone is aware of these, I will also include them in this page - please use the Medical Services Feedback Form on the website above to provide me with any relevant information

Through Medical Services

Each country has its own procedures and methods - click here for Procedures and Costs for INR tests in particular countries.


Bryan Perret said...

That is an interesting article. What would you say is your opinion on the anitcoagulant drug pradaxa and the reports linking it to internal bleeding?

rosen said...

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